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SYBB 311/411

This course is designed to introduce students to the field of bioinformatics.

The SYBB Survey Series is composed of the following course sequence: (A) Technologies in Bioinformatics, (B) Data Integration in Bioinformatics, (C) Translational Bioinformatics, and (D) Programming for Bioinformatics. Each standalone section of this course series introduces students to an aspect of a bioinformatics project - from data collection (SYBB 311/411A), to data integration (SYBB 311/411B), to research applications (SYBB 311/411C), with a fourth module (SYBB 311/411D) introducing basic programming.

In the Fall term SYBB 311/411A, SYBB 311/411B, and SYBB 311/411C meet back to back. These classes are 1-credit each. SYBB 311/411D is a 3-credit class and is offered in the Spring. Each class is graded separately.

SYBB 311A/B/C are co-requisites for undergraduates, and these classes are prerequisites for SYBB 311D. Graduate students can take these classes in any order, except SYBB 411A is prerequisite for SYBB 411D.



SYBB 311 411A.pdf

SYBB 311 411B.pdf

SYBB 311 411C.pdf

SYBB 311 411D.pdf (will be updated in the fall).

SYBB 311/411B, C and D utilizes iClicker+ Classroom Response Clickers. This is part of the active learning performed in classroom.

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ISBN-10: 1464120153

Active Learning  Classroom:

The Surveys in Bioinformatics Classes are  redesigned with the support of Information Technology Services Active Learning Fellowship to Dr. Bebek. Read more about Active Learning at CWRU